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Feature Advantage Benefits
Drive MotorsDrive Motors Single speed squirrel cage design. Variable Frequency Drive (inverter) controls. Direct drive system. Class F insulation. Large surface cooling fins for excellent heat dissipation.
  • Reliable, economical
  • Infinitely variable speed
  • No open gears, pinions or
    couplings to lubricate
  • Extended motor life
Drive WheelsDrive Wheels Both the bridge and trolley wheels are rolled or forged steel. Wheels are hardened to protect both the runway rails and the wheels from wear. Our wheel design is unlike any other in the industry. Simple yet rugged, it allows quick and easy wheel removal without special tools. There is no axle to undress.
  • Years of trouble free service
  • Long life and high overload
  • No special tools or technicians
    required for wheel removal
  • Smooth and quiet operating
    characteristics with the high
    dampening effect of cast wheels
End Truck/Girder ConnectionEndtruck/Girder Connection Attaches the end of the girder to a side mounting plate on the end truck. Friction type connection utilizes high quality mounting bolts torqued to 410 ft-lbs. Simplified installation process
  • Excellent stability in horizontal
    and vertical planes
  • Smooth crane movement,
    without binding or skewing
  • Better crane alignment, leading
    to less wear and tear on wheels
    and runway
  • Less chance of installation error
Bridge BrakeBridge Brake DC rectified, magnet-actuated disc brake is automatically applied in the event of power failure. Brake is self-adjusting.
  • Increases operator safety,
    prevents damage to loads.
  • Virtually no maintenance
Quick Disconnect PlugsQuick Disonnect Plugs Pre-tested multi-pin plug and socket connections are used. Asymmetrical design means plugs can only be connected one way. Connections are finger safe. The quick disconnects are of the highest quality, sealed from dust and moisture and
vibration proof.
  • Save time
  • Pole reversal impossible.
  • Increased safety for installers
    and maintenance personnel.
  • No electrician needed to
    disconnect components
Bridge ControlsBridge Controls Inherent “soft” start minimizes mechanical shock loading and wear of the drive components. Elimination of high starting currents reduces electrical operation costs and motor temperatures. Smooth, precise motion control. Electronic dynamic braking. No motor direction contactors. Ability to “reverse plug” and “jog without damaging motors and drives.
  • Trouble free service
  • Longevity
  • High productivity
  • Reduced damage to loads
  • Almost no brake wear and/or
  • Reduces the number of
    breakdowns due to operator
BumpersBumpers Polyamid bumpers at both ends absorb energy.
  • Prevent damage to crane
  • Meet OSHA safety requirements

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