Our NOMAD® modular crane systems adapt to their environments, and provide efficient and safe overhead material handling. Modular NOMAD® Free Standing Bridge Cranes are available in runway lengths of 20, 25 and 30 feet.

Multiple cells can be combined for long runways; existing systems can be retrofitted with additional cells.

Waste_Water_FacilityNOMAD_300This NOMAD® system is used outdoors at a Western water treatment plant. The crane is used to lift and change filters. NOMAD_Sheeting_Mfr_300A 7.5 ton NOMAD® system at a Western manufacturer of sheeting.

This NOMAD® system at a Midwestern manufacturer of industrial containers was installed on a 182 foot runway between concrete building supports. The system’s low profile allows the crane to fit under the low ceiling and still provide enough lift to clear machinery and change dies. A radio control facilitates operation.

The NOMAD® provides easy movement of the dies from the staging area (right photo) to injection molding machines at the other end of the runway. More machines will be installed in the space in the foreground, and the NOMAD® will service them as well.