All delivery estimates are based upon complete order information and approvals as required. Please consult EMH for special applications or for improved deliveries.

Wire Rope Hoists
Stock “E” Trolleys 3-4 weeks
Non-Stock Monorail Hoists 10-12 weeks
Non-Stock Double Girder Hoists 10-12 weeks
 – (Add 2-3 weeks for VFD Hoist)
Standard Engineered Hoists 14-16 weeks
Special Engineered Hoists Consult Factory
End Trucks (EMH Style with VFD)
Single Girder 3-4 weeks
Double Girder 10-12 weeks
Wheel Blocks
Models 130, 160 and 200 8-10 weeks
System 2000 Crane Kits
Single Girder, Stock Components 5-6 weeks
All Double Girder Kits 10-12 weeks
NOMAD® Freestanding Bridge Cranes
All NOMAD® Systems 8-10 weeks
Complete Cranes
Single Girder, Stock Components 7-9 weeks
Double Girder, Structural Girders 10-12 weeks
Double Girder, Box Girders 14-16 weeks
Single Girder, Box Girder 10-12 weeks
EH Engineered Hoists & Cranes
Standard 14-16 weeks
Non-standard special Consult factory
AL SYSTEMS™ Enclosed Rail Systems
Stock Parts, no Track Cutting 5-6 days
Standard Systems 3-4 weeks
Free Standing Systems 5-6 weeks
Motorized Systems 10-12 weeks
End Effector Applications Consult factory

Stock Components Available for Fast Delivery (All items are 460/3/60)

Wire Rope Hoists
Monorail Hoists – 3 Ton Capacity
EM0832 L6-162.41.060E 20 ft. lift*
EM0832 L6-162.41.100E 33 ft. lift*
Monorail Hoists – 5 Ton Capacity
EM1050 L6-161.41.060E 20 ft. lift*
EM1050 L6-161.41.100E 33 ft. lift*
Monorail Hoists – 7.5 Ton Capacity
EM2063 L6-181.41.060E 20 ft. lift*
EM2063 L6-181.41.100E 33 ft. lift*
Monorail Hoists – 10 Ton Capacity
EM3100 L6-162.41.060E 20 ft. lift*
EM3100 L6-162.41.100E 33 ft. lift*

* Also available for 208/3/60 and 230/3/60.

All delivery times are predicated on a complete order package including down payment (if applicable), approval drawing and formal purchase order.